Roots&Routes TV

Roots&Routes TV

My City. My Culture. My Video Community.


Project start: 1.7.2007
Project end: 31.10.2010

ROOTS&ROUTES TV is the web-TV for youth, culture, music, lifestyle and cultural diversity. With young editorial crews in six cities in Germany, and all over Europe.

Roots&Routes TVYoung people with different cultural roots get together in workshops and young journalist groups, producing creative products and a web-TV magazine on urban culture and cultural diversity in their everyday life. Results are presented on this website and at annual presentation events in all cities involved. This project empowers the participants to do media productions on a high level and to communicate their wishes and demands to the public.

Additional parts of this project include the ROOTS&ROUTES Cologne 2007 festival workshop week as a starting event, and the annual winter workshop phases in the HipHop network Cologne Nippes.

ROOTS&ROUTES TV is a JFC Medienzentrum Cologne project in cooperation with Miramedia Utrecht, ROOTS&ROUTES Netherlands, Xenomedia Barcelona, Kulturskolan Stockholm, ABi Associates London, RiF Lille, Fabbrica Europa Florence, Stadia Polytechnica Helsinki, SMouTh Larissa, Sziget Management Budapest and Music Exchange Hungary on an international level as well as Kanal 21 Bielefeld, Kulturbunker Duisburg, Bennohaus Münster, Jugendförderung Solingen and Medienprojekt Wuppertal on a national level.

ROOTS&ROUTES TV is funded by the Federal German Youth Ministry (BMFSFJ - Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend) programme VIELFALT TUT GUT and the City of Cologne. The festival workshop week ROOTS&ROUTES Cologne 2007 was additionally funded by the EU programme CULTURE 2000.

Thanks for support to Lightpower GmbH Paderborn, ARRI Group, Musicstore Köln and Deutsche POP Akademy Köln.

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