U-CARE Summer Academy starts with Participants from 8 Countries

19.7.2013 | 56 young artists and media makers from all over Europe will develop own project ideas against racism and discrimination: That's the program of the U-CARE Summer Academy, that jfc Medienzentrum and our international partners will organise from July 29th to August 11th in Heek/Germany.

U-CARE is the acronym for “Urban Culture Against Racism in Europe”. The project aims at developing concepts for workshops, performances and campaigns combining art and media with anti-racist/anti-discrimination empowerment.

In the first half of 2013, the situation in the 8 partner countries was analysed. The local partners then organised one week seminars for young artists and media makers, who want to become active as U-CARE Peer Coaches for cultural diversity and against racism and discrimination.

All partner organisations are now sending 4 to 8 participants each to the U-CARE Summer Academy in Heek. On July 29th, they will meet there and form international project groups. Starting from a idea brainstorming on Facebook, they will develop and test concrete plans for activities that will then put into reality in their countries of residency after the Summer Academy.

In this process, the U-CARE Peer Coaches will be supported and guided by the jfc Medienzentrum crew plus dedicated anti-racism trainers (coming from http://www.aric-nrw.de, http://www.netzwerk-courage.de and http://www.oegg.de). Additionally, professional artists like spoken word artist Akua Naru (http://www.akuanaru.com), singer Jimi Renfro (Marla-Glen Band), director Zekai Fenerci (http://www.pottporus.de) and choreographer Nabil Ouelhadj (Lille/France) will give support and inspiration.

Europe has always been a continent of migration and cultural diversity, and has drawn both cultural and economical wealth from this. Recently, the ongoing crises in Europe have lead to a rise of extreme right-wing and anti-European populism in many European countries. U-CARE aims at counteracting those tendencies.

U-CARE is a jfc Medienzentrum e.V. project in cooperation with partners from Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Hungary, the UK and France, funded by the EU Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme.


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